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Promotional Policy

January 6, 2024 at 6:01:30 PM

Online Store Promotional Policy

The Wagyu Cattle Co. (hereinafter the “Company”) at its sole discretion may issue special offers, promotional deals, and money­‐off vouchers (hereinafter the “Discounts”). Whether received electronically or physically, You (hereinafter the “Customer”) while redeeming any Discounts for the purchase of eligible products the Company is selling shall be subject to the following terms and conditions.

Issuance & Validity

All discounts issued to the Customer shall only be valid during the period of validity as stated with the Discount and subject to any additional conditions of each offer. All current promotional offers and their specified terms and conditions are viewable at

Redeeming & Applicability

Coupons & Promotional Mailers

Discounts that are issued physically whether by mail or in person are not eligible for redemption with products listed online at unless expressly stated otherwise.

Discount Application

Discounts shall be subtracted from the value of the Customer’s Order Subtotal excluding the costs of shipping and delivering the Order. Unless otherwise mentioned in a specific Discount offer, the Customer shall be barred from using several Discounts cumulatively when placing a given Order. Where the Customer mentions his/her possession of several Discounts on the website concurrently, the Customer shall only be able to use the Discount of the largest amount for the same Order.

Loyalty Program

Customers who are website members may receive digital offers through our online Loyalty Program. All offers, discounts, and other promotions concerning the Loyalty Program and the redemption of “Points for Discounts” are governed by the terms and conditions stated in here: and are not subject to these terms and conditions unless expressly stated otherwise.

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