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Learn About Wagyu

Wagyu beef is a type of beef that comes from Japanese cattle breeds. It is highly prized for its intense marbling and flavor. Wagyu beef is known for its superior quality and taste, making it a popular choice for many restaurants and home chefs.

Wagyu Cattle Company

The Wagyu Cattle Company is a meat wholesale and retail company specializing in Wagyu beef. Our Producers' cattle are raised in the USA, which provides fresh, farm-to-table products to consumers. Our mission is to connect farmers and consumers to bring our customers the highest beef quality while providing our partners with fair market prices. 

We take pride in that our beef is USDA-inspected and traceable from the farm to the table. If you are looking for American-raised, farm-to-table Wagyu beef, look no further than Wagyu Cattle Company.

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Wagyu Cattle Company specializes in wholesale premium wagyu beef, offering the highest quality product at the most competitive prices. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are committed to providing Clients with superior satisfaction. Contact our sales team today to learn more:

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Service Area

We partner with businesses across North America to bring our Wagyu Beef products to the US, Canada, and Mexico. Whether you're looking to supply your business or grab some beef for the cookout, the Wagyu Cattle Company has you covered.

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Online Store

Wagyu Cattle Company is the premier online destination for high-quality Wagyu beef. Our wide selection of premium offerings, discounted prices, loyalty program, and exclusive membership allows our customers to enjoy the best in Wagyu beef from the convenience of their homes.

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Wagyu Recipies

Wagyu Beef is excellent for any occasion. Click below to view some of our recipes and ideas!


USDA Inspection

USDA is dedicated to ensuring that the food produced in the United States is safe, wholesome, and properly labeled. Through research, they strive to provide the nation’s farmers and ranchers with the resources they need to produce a safe and secure food supply.

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